SUMMER 2014.   
Pohjoinen taajuus - Northern Frequency - "Haut Nord"

Northern Frequency is the title for the project of inhabiting Rauma referring to a popular notion of the north as something free and wild, straightforward and extreme.

From 2.06 til 31.07
POUK is welcomed in Rauma by RaumArs Artist in Residence Programm :

During two months POUK theater will "live" in the all Rauma city, creating daily outside trainings, street improvisations, public and surprise performances.

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In this frame, 
some special "Poukrs" :

The Bronze Labyrinth
Performance at Bronze age burial site Sammallahdenmäki, 20.07, 13 pm
Muinaisen maan mysteeri, uusi ja vanha väri, sammaleen sananen. Luodaan labyrintti, reitti. Pouk Teatteri tekee sarjan tansseja hautaröykkiöiden helmaan. Tervetuloa katsomaan kanssamme erilailla! - free bus to the site by Rauma city

Presence in the art market during the lace week, --> 24-26.07

Pitsiviikkojen markkinoilla pitsiperformansseja pitkin päivää yleisön tilauksesta - 
tule ja tilaa itsellesi tanssi!

Hj. Nortamon patsas - Kuninkaankatu 2
standi nyplääjä Tarmo Thorströmin kanssa
Pouk paikalla :
to klo 10-12 & 14-16
pe klo 22-24
la klo 14-18

Northern frequency
Living installation in Navetta of Rauma Art Museum for the Biennale Balticum 2014. 
This installation will witness the POUK process during these two months of residence. Tracks, imprints, and marks, memories and old patterns. -- > 13. 06 / 28.07 
Crime Scenes I & II
Dance performances with video and text in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum at the opening of the exhibition, 13 June, and for the Night Of Black Lace, 25 July.

Tunne Tila
Two garden performances, 10.07
"Aamukaste  " at 7am
" Iltatee", at 10pm


Past in June :

Performance and open bal at Fåfänga, 21.06


Several weekly performances at Rauma Tori - come to meet us there in July too !
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